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Read & Download The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF How on earth could I have let them talk me into it The two generals of number Rue MontagnardMadame Bernard the owner and Madame Rosalette the conciergehad caught Monsieur in a pincer movement between their ground floor flatsThat Le P has treated his wife shamelesslyScandalously Like a moth treats a wedding veilYou can hardly blame some people when you look at their wives Fridges in Chanel But men Monsters all of themLadies I dont uite know what Not you of course Monsieur Perdu You are cashmere compared with the normal yarn from which men are spunAnyway were getting a new tenant On the fourth floor Yours MonsieurBut Madame has nothing left Absolutely nothing only shattered illusions She needs just about everythingAnd thats where you come in Monsieur Give whatever you can All donations welcomeOf course Maybe a good book Actually we were thinking of somethingpractical A table perhaps You know Madame hasNothing I got thatThe bookseller could not imagine what might bepractical than a book but he promised to give the new tenant a table He still had oneMonsieur Perdu pushed his tie between the top buttons of his white vigorously ironed shirt and carefully rolled up his sleeves Inward one fold at a time up to the elbow He stared at the bookcase in the corridor Behind the shelves lay a room he hadnt entered for almost twenty one yearsTwenty one years and summers and New Years morningsBut in that room was the tableHe exhaled groped indiscriminately for a book and pulled Orwells out of the bookcase It didnt fall apart Nor did it bite his hand like an affronted catHe took out the next novel then twoNow he reached into the shelf with both hands grabbed whole parcels of books out of it and piled them up beside himThe stacks grew into trees Towers Magic mountains He looked at the last book in his hand When the Clock Struck Thirteen A tale of time travelIf hed believed in omens this would have been a signHe banged the bottom of the shelves with his fists to loosen them from their fastenings Then he stepped backThere Layer by layer it appeared Behind the wall of words The door to the room where I could simply buy a tableMonsieur Perdu ran his hand over his mouth Yes Dust down the books put them away again forget about the door Buy a table and carry on as he had for the last two decades In twenty years time hed be seventy and from there hed make it through the rest Maybe hed die prematurelyCowardHe tightened his trembling fist on the door handleSlowly the tall man opened the door He pushed it softly inward screwed up his eyes and Nothing but moonlight and dry air He breathed it in through his nose analyzing it but found nothings smell has goneOver the course of twenty one summers Monsieur Perdu had become as adept at avoiding thinking of as he was at stepping around open manholesHe mainly thought of her as As a pause amid the hum of his thoughts as a blank in the pictures of the past as a dark spot amid his feelings He was capable of conjuring all kinds of gapsMonsieur Perdu looked around How uiet the room seemed And pale despite the lavender blue wallpaper The passing of the years behind the closed door had sueezed the color from the wallsThe light from the corridor met little that could cast a shadow A bistro chair The kitchen table A vase with the lavender stolen two decades earlier from the Valensole plateau And a fifty year old man who now sat down on the chair and wrapped his arms around himselfThere had once been curtains and over there pictures flowers and books a cat called Castor that slept on the sofa There were candlesticks and whispering full wineglasses and music Dancing shadows on the wall one of them tall the other strikingly beautiful There had been love in this roomNow theres only meHe clenched his fists and pressed them against his burning eyesMonsieur Perdu swallowed and swallowed again to fight back the tears His throat was too tight to breathe and his back seemed to glow with heat and painWhen he could onceswallow without it hurting Monsieur Perdu stood up and opened the casement window Aromas came swirling in from the back courtyardThe herbs from the Goldenbergs little garden Rosemary and thyme mixed with the massage oils used by Che the blind chiropodist and foot whisperer Added to that the smell of pancakes intermingled with Kofis spicy and meaty African barbecued dishes Over it all drifted the perfume of Paris in June the fragrance of lime blossom and expectationBut Monsieur Perdu wouldnt let these scents affect him He resisted their charms Hed become extremely good at ignoring anything that might in any way arouse feelings of yearning Aromas Melodies The beauty of thingsHe fetched soap and water from the storeroom next to the bare kitchen and began to clean the wooden tableHe fought off the blurry picture of himself sitting at this table not alone but withHe washed and scrubbed and ignored the piercing uestion of what he was meant to do now that he had opened the door to the room in which all his love his dreams and his past had been buriedMemories are like wolves You cant lock them away and hope they leave you aloneMonsieur Perdu carried the narrow table to the door and heaved it through the bookcase past the magic mountains of paper onto the landing and over to the apartment across the hallAs he was about to knock a sad sound reached his earsStifled sobbing as if through a cushionSomeone was crying behind the green doorA woman And she was crying as though she wanted nobody absolutely nobody to hearShe was married to You Know Who Monsieur Le PHe didnt know Perdu didnt read the Paris gossip pagesMadame Catherine Le P You Know Who had come home late one Thursday evening from her husbands art agency where she took care of his PR Her key no longer fit into the lock and there was a suitcase on the stairs with divorce papers on top of it Her husband had moved to an unknown address and taken the old furniture and a new woman with himCatherine soon to be ex wife of Le Dirty Swine possessed nothing but the clothes she had brought into their marriageand the realization that it had been nave of her to think that their erstwhile love would guarantee decent treatment after their separation and to assume that she knew her husband so well that he could no longer surprise herA common mistake Madame Bernard the lady of the house had pontificated in between puffing out smoke signals from her pipe You only really get to know your husband when he walks out on youMonsieur Perdu had not yet seen the woman whod been so coldheartedly ejected from her own lifeNow he listened to the lonely sobs she was desperately trying to muffle perhaps with her hands or a tea towel Should he announce his presence and embarrass her He decided to fetch the vase and the chair firstHe t.

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Read & Download The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Rtossed her purse into her luxury shoulder bag and tugged at the zip which got stuck Perdu felt something welling up inside him a wild feeling anger tensiononly it had nothing to do with this woman He couldnt hold his tongue though He hurried after her as she strode angrily through the belly of the book barge and called out to her in the half light between the long bookshelves Its your choice Madame You can leave and spit on me Or you can spare yourself thousands of hours of torture starting right nowThanks thats exactly what Im doingSurrender to the treasures of books instead of entering into pointless relationships with men who neglect you anyway or going on crazy diets because youre not thin enough for one man and not stupid enough for the next Its absurd how youre twisting everything all because you dont want me to have that stupid Night bookThe customeror rather noncustomertossed her purse into her luxury shoulder bag and tugged at the zip which got stuckPerdu felt something welling up inside him a wild feeling anger tensiononly it had nothing to do with this woman He couldnt hold his tongue though He hurried after her as she strode angrily through the belly of the book barge and called out to her in the half light between the long bookshelves Its your choice Madame You can leave and spit on me Or you can spare yourself thousands of hours of torture starting right nowThanks thats exactly what Im doingSurrender to the treasures of books instead of entering into pointless relationships with men who neglect you anyway or going on crazy diets because youre not thin enough for one man and not stupid enough for the nextShe stood stock still by the large bay window that looked out over the Seine and glared at Perdu How dare you Books keep stupidity at bay And vain hopes And vain men They undress you with love strength and knowledge Its love from within Make your choice book orBefore he could finish his sentence a Parisian pleasure boat plowed past with a group of Chinese women standing by the railing under umbrellas They began clicking away with their cameras when they caught sight of Pariss famous floating Literary Apothecary The pleasure boat drove brown green dunes of water against the bank and the book barge reeledThe customer teetered on her smart high heels but instead of offering her his hand Perdu handed her The Elegance of the HedgehogShe made an instinctive grab for the novel and clung to itPerdu held on to the book as he spoke to the stranger in a soothing tender and calm voiceYou need your own room Not too bright with a kitten to keep you company And this book which you will please read slowly so you can take the occasional break Youll do a lot of thinking and probably a bit of crying For yourself For the years But youll feel better afterward Youll know that now you dont have to die even if thats how it feels because the guy didnt treat you well And you will like yourself again and wont find yourself ugly or naveOnly after delivering these instructions did he let go New York Times BestsellerA LibraryReads Favorite of the FavoritesAn Indie Bestseller of If you re looking to be charmed right out of your own life for a few hours sit down with this wise and winsome novelEverything happens just as you want it to from poignant moments to crystalline insights in exactly the right measure OprahThe settings are ideal for a summer romance readWho can resist floating on a barge through France surrounded by books wine love and great conversation Christian Science Monitor A bona fide international hit New York Times Book Review A story that reflects all the romance and sweetness of Paris itself San Francisco Book Review Georges exuisite multilayered love story enchanted Europe forthan a year and the US publication of this flawless translation will allow gob smacked book lovers here to struggle with the age old dilemma to race through each page to see what happens next or savor each deliciously enticing phrase Do both if ever a book was meant to be read over and over this gem is it Library Journal starred review WarmheartedA charming novel that believes in the healing properties of fiction romance and a summer in the south of France Kirkus A beautiful story of grief companionship forgiveness and building a life worth living A vulnerable relatable tale of great love and loss missed opportunities and moving on The Little Paris Bookshop is like the books its main characters recommends medicine for the wounded soul Bookpage Engaging George s sumptuous descriptions of both food and literature will leave readers unsure whether to run to the nearest library or the nearest bistro Publishers Weekly There s a special category of books that appeal most strongly to people who just plain love to read Not thrillers or mysteries or traditional romances they are instead love letters to books themselves and to the power and delight of the written word and of storiesNow joining the ranks of those books you just have to give to the bibliophiles in your life is The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George The Little Paris Bookshop is the kind of book that readers might not know they needed or wanted until they picked it up meaning that George herself is doing exactly the same kind of work as Jean Perdu on his floating literary apothecaryBookreporter Nina George s enchanting The Little Paris Bookshop deals with the nature of grief and the power of friendship love and truthGeorge is a lyrical writer whose beautiful sensory language and imagery enhance this adventurous moving narrativeShelf Awareness Uplifting An international best seller this one will make you happy The Independent The Little Paris Bookshopis an enchantment Set in a floating barge along the Seine this love letter to books and to the complicated sometimes broken people who are healed by them is the next best thing to booking a trip to France Sarah Pekkanen author of Catching AirSimultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming Nina Georges impressionistic prose takes the reader on a journey not just through the glories of France and the wonders of books but through the encyclopedic panoply of human emotions The Little Paris Bookshop is a book whose palette textures and aromas will draw you in and cradle you in the redemptive power of loveCharlie Lovett author of The Bookmans Tale Nina George tells us clever things about love about reading that puts a bounce in your step about tango in Provence and about truly good food One of those books that gets you thinking about whom you need to give it to as a gift even while you re still reading it because it makes you happy and should be part of any well stocked apothecary Hamburger MorgenpostGermany Enchanting and moving Rarely have I read such a beautiful bookTina magazineGerman.

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Read & Download The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Iptoed back and forth between his flat and hers He knew how treacherous this proud old house could be which floorboards sueaked which walls wererecent and thinner additions and which concealed ducts that acted like megaphonesWhen he pored over his eighteen thousand piece map of the world jigsaw in the otherwise empty living room the sounds of the other residents lives were transmitted to him through the fabric of the houseThe Goldenbergs arguments Him Cant you just for once Why are you Havent I Her You always have to You never do I want you to Hed known the two of them as newlyweds Theyd laughed together a lot back then Then came the children and the parents drifted apart like continentsHe heard Clara Violettes electric wheelchair rolling over carpet edges wooden floors and doorsills He remembered the young pianist back when she was able to danceHe heard Che and young Kofi cooking Che was stirring the pots The man had been blind since birth but he said that he could see the world through the fragrant trails and traces that peoples feelings and thoughts had left behind Che could sense whether a room had been loved or lived or argued inPerdu also listened every Sunday to how Madame Bomme and the widows club giggled like girls at the dirty books he slipped them behind their stuffy relatives backsThe snatches of life that could be overheard in the house at number Rue Montagnard were like a sea lapping the shores of Perdus silent isleHe had been listening forthan twenty years He knew his neighbors so well that he was sometimes amazed by how little they knew about him not that he minded They had no idea that he owned next to no furniture apart from a bed a chair and a clothes railno knickknacks no music no pictures or photo albums or three piece suite or crockery other than for himself or that he had chosen such simplicity of his own free will The two rooms he still occupied were so empty that they echoed when he coughed The only thing in the living room was the giant jigsaw puzzle on the floor His bedroom was furnished with a bed the ironing board a reading light and a garment rail on wheels containing three identical sets of clothing gray trousers white shirt brown V neck sweater In the kitchen were a stove top coffee pot a tin of coffee and a shelf stacked with food Arranged in alphabetical order Maybe it was just as well that no one saw thisAnd yet he harbored a strange affection for Rue Montagnards residents He felt inexplicably better when he knew that they were welland in his unassuming way he tried to make a contribution Books were a means of helping Otherwise he stayed in the background a small figure in a painting while life was played out in the foregroundHowever the new tenant on the third floor Maximilian Jordan wouldnt leave Monsieur Perdu in peace Jordan wore specially made earplugs with earmuffs over them plus a woolly hat on cold days Ever since the young authors debut novel had made him famous amid great fanfare hed been on the run from fans who would have given their right arms to move in with him Meanwhile Jordan had developed a peculiar interest in Monsieur PerduWhile Perdu was on the landing arranging the chair beside the kitchen table and the vase on top the crying stoppedIn its place he heard the sueak of a floorboard that someone was trying to walk across without making it creakHe peered through the pane of frosted glass in the green door Then he knocked twice very gentlyA face moved closer A blurred bright ovalYes the oval whisperedIve got a chair and a table for youThe oval said nothingI have to speak softly to her Shes cried so much shes probably all dried out and shell crumble if Im too loudAnd a vase For flowers Red flowers for instance Theyd look really pretty on the white tableHe had his cheek almost pressed up against the glassHe whispered But I can give you a book as wellThe light in the staircase went outWhat kind of book the oval whisperedThe consoling kindI need to cry someIll drown if I dont Can you understand that Of course Sometimes youre swimming in unwept tears and youll go under if you store them up inside And Im at the bottom of a sea of tears Ill bring you a book for crying thenWhen Tomorrow Promise me youll have something to eat and drink before you carry on cryingHe didnt know why he was taking such liberties It must be something to do with the door between themThe glass misted up with her breathYes she said YesWhen the hall light flared on again the oval shrank backMonsieur Perdu laid his hand briefly on the glass where her face had been a second beforeAnd if she needs anything else a chest of drawers or a potato peeler Ill buy it and claim I had it alreadyHe went into his empty flat and pushed the bolt across The door leading into the room behind the bookcase was still open The longer Monsieur Perdu looked in there theit seemed as though the summer of were rising up out of the floor The cat jumped down from the sofa on soft velvet paws and stretched The sunlight caressed a bare back the back turned and became She smiled at Monsieur Perdu rose from her reading position and walked toward him naked with a book in her handAre you finally ready askedMonsieur Perdu slammed the doorNoNo Monsieur Perdu said again the following morning Id rather not sell you this bookGently he pried Night from the ladys hand Of the many novels on his book bargethe vessel moored on the Seine that he had named Literary Apothecaryshe had inexplicably chosen the notorious bestseller by Maximilian Max Jordan the earmuff wearer from the third floor in Rue MontagnardThe customer looked at the bookseller taken abackWhy not Max Jordan doesnt suit youMax Jordan doesnt suit me Thats right Hes not your typeMy type Okay Excuse me but maybe I should point out to you that Ive come to your book barge for a book Not a husband mon cher MonsieurWith all due respect what you read isimportant in the long term than the man you marry ma chre MadameShe looked at him through eyes like slitsGive me the book take my money and we can both pretend its a nice dayIt is a nice day and tomorrow is the start of summer but youre not going to get this book Not from me May I suggest a few others Right and flog me some old classic youre too lazy to throw overboard where it can poison the fish She spoke softly to begin with but her volume kept increasingBooks arent eggs you know Simply because a book has aged a bit doesnt mean its gone bad There was now an edge to Monsieur Perdus voice too What is wrong with old Age isnt a disease We all grow old even books But are you is anyone worth less or less important because theyve been around for longer Its absurd how youre twisting everything all because you dont want me to have that stupid Night bookThe customeror rather noncustome.

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