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Free download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ä Alev Lytle Croutier Read & Download Harem The World Behind the Veil Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A fascinating illustrated history of one of the strangest and cruelest cultural institutions ever devised A worldwide best seller translated into twenty five languages“I was born in a konak old house which once was the harem of a pasha” writes Alev Lytle Croutier “People around me often whispered things about harems; my own grandmother and her sister had been brought up in one”Drawing on a host of firsthand accounts and memoirs as well as her own family history Croutier explores life in the world’s harems from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century focusing on the fabled Seraglio of Topkapi Pal. Harem The World Behind the Veil by Alev Lytle Croutier is a gratifying find among the many historical books written about the harem life of the Ottoman Empire A harem was not a hidden decadent enclave of the Sultan s stunning concubines It was simply where the women lived in the palace All of the women lived there including the Sultan s own mother known as the Valide Sultan She was the most powerful figure in the empire after the Sultan himself Croutier doesn t exclusively cover the Turkish harem or Seraglio as it is known and addresses the topic of the harem in general However since Croutier is Turkish and has a personal linkage to this past naturally the majority of her book covers the Ottoman haremReading this book is like watching a documentary Decorated with lush photography and paintings it animates the women who lived in this time and place Croutier covers all elements of the harem life the baths that were a uotidian ritual the poetry of the women s voices an emotional life as multifaceted as the gems adorning them the princesses high ranking concubines and the eunuchs who surrounded them There is also mention of the ordinary harem of domestic households This rich history is laid out like a damask tapestry The author s first person narrative makes the prose all the alluringThe harem life was not easy It was an imprisoned life a segregated complex of buildings populated mostly by foreign slaves A Muslim Turk could not be a consort to the Sultan as slavery was forbidden in Islam Women were kidnapped or sold into the slave market just as cattle were In some ways the Turks are still ashamed of such a history and it was abolished in the early twentieth century Even Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the revolutionary leader and creator of the modern Turkish republic had said Is it possible that while one half of a community stays chained to the ground the other half can rise to the skies Women could rarely leave the walls of the harem but as oppressive as it could be it was still a place of rich culture where a network of women turned to each other for comfort and enjoyed as much of its splendor as they couldResearched extensively Harem offers a rare glimpse into the fascinating yet misunderstood heritage of women in the Ottoman Empire

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Harem The World Behind the Veil

Free download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ä Alev Lytle Croutier Read & Download Harem The World Behind the Veil Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ing practices and superstitions Finally she shows how this Eastern institution invaded the European imagination in the form of decoration costume and art and how Western ideas in turn finally eroded a system that had seemed eternal Juxtaposing a rich array of illustrations Western paintings Turkish and Persian miniatures family photographs and even film stills Croutier demystifies the Western erotic fantasy of “the world behind the veil” This revised and updated 25th anniversary edition of Harem includes a new introduction by the author revisiting her subject in light of recent events in Turkey and the world. Lavishly illustrated which led me to regard this book with some suspicion but in the end lots of interesting information of harem life and history That the author has a family history that reaches back to the seraglio and that she has included a photo of her great uncle with his odalisue is convincing in and of itselfIn 1790 one sale document reads you could buy seven women slaves for 1000 to 2000 kurush One horse would cost 5000 kurush Kidnapped or sold by their parents the trip to the harem was one way once you went in you never came out Unless the sultan didn t like you or you refused to convert to Islam or failed to learn Arabic in which case he could post you for resale on the medieval euivalent of eBayIf in the rare event you became the favorite of the sultan your troubles were not over Your rivals might poison you or have you tied in a sack and thrown into the Bosphorous one particularly mad sultan had his entire harem so disposed of If you had a son you became the automatic enemy of every other woman in the harem who also had a son with aspirations of succeeding to his father s powerThe rest of your time always supposing you survived was spent in gossip eating and smoking opium and going to the baths The very first paragraph of the introduction is the most poignant written by an anonymous woman of the harem I am a harem woman an Ottoman slave I was conceived in an act of contemptuous rape and born in a sumptuous palace Hot sand is my father the Bosphorus my mother wisdom my destiny ignorance my doom I am richly dressed and poorly regarded I am a slave owner and a slave I am anonymous I am infamous one thousand and one tales have been written about me My home is this place were gods are buried and devils breed the land of holiness the backyard of hell Life in a harem must have been unutterably boring Seldom have I been so glad to have been born in the here and now

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Free download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ä Alev Lytle Croutier Read & Download Harem The World Behind the Veil Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ace as a paradigm for them all We enter the slave markets and the lavish boudoirs of the sultanas; we witness the daily routines of the odalisues and of the eunuchs who guarded the harem Here too we learn of the labyrinthine political scheming among the sultan’s wives his favorites and the valide sultana the sultan’s mother whose power could eclipse that of the sultan himselfThere were the harems of the sultans and the pashas but there were also “middle class” harems the households in which ordinary men and women lived out ordinary albeit polygamous lives Croutier reveals their marital customs child rear. Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley If you go to most art museums in the Western world you can find at least one if not paintings that depict a European man s view of the Eastern harem While beautiful these paintings will depict various women in various states of undress usually lying around doing nothing besides looking pretty Sometimes there might be a painting that depicts a man alongside them usually suggestive of post coital glow or tied to 1001 Arabian Nights And that s not even touching the movies Alev Lytle Croutier s book about harems is far interesting than those man fancy pieces In part this is because the author is able to draw on her family s interactions with various people who were connected to harems Croutier goes into briefly the beginnings of the harem tradition and divide her book up into royal harem life ordinary harem life as well as looking at how art and film in particular in the West viewed the harem Perhaps the books major flaw is the focus on Turkish harem but considering the writer s background this is not surprising The personal stories for instance her meeting a eunuch add a layer to the book as well as serving as a reminder that this lifestyle is not far removed from the present day This is balanced though the use of historical harem women and the battles they fought whether between themselves or with the men who control them It isn t only the dispelling of myths that surround harem women that Croutier attends to she also dispels myths about the eunuchs Of particular interest is the division of eunuch jobs based on skin color and I wish there had been some analysis of why there was such a division but also what a eunuch s life could be like It is here that Croutier does bring in Chinese harem life in addition to Turkish There is also a wonderful bit about Lady Mary Montagu This is a wonderful history read