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  • Hardcover
  • 192
  • Civic Activism Unleashed
  • Richard Youngs
  • en
  • 24 March 2019
  • 9780190931704

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Civic Activism Unleashed characters ã 100 Ng shape of contemporary civic activism He shows how the emerging civic activism has important implications for the whole concept of civil society and for the relationship between citizens political institutions and states Youngs contends that the rise and spread of these new forms of direct action civic activism and the way the trend has driven the dramatic events in global politics in recent years reuires us to update our understanding of what civil society actually is and which types of organizations are in its vanguard He furth.

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Civic Activism Unleashed characters ã 100 Er looks at the global impact of recent civic activism and offers a set of variables to help explain cases of success and failure Youngs' larger aim is to explore in depth the new forms of civic activism that are emerging around the world and assess how they differ from established practices of civil society activityTheoretically ambitious and global in scope Civic Activism Unleashed forces us to reconsider the nature of contemporary social and civic activism and how it is reshaping contentious politics in countries across the worl.

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Civic Activism Unleashed characters ã 100 One of the signal events in global politics in the last decade has been the transformation of political and civic activism Not only is the new activism ualitatively different in character from what it was in 2000; its intensity and freuency have dramatically increased Activists are developing a new type of civic movement applying innovative forms of direct action against governments and often operating without leaders or even any well defined set of aimsIn Civic Activism Unleashed Carnegie scholar Richard Youngs examines the changi.

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