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  • Everything I Never Told You
  • Celeste Ng
  • Serbian
  • 14 October 2019
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Read & Download » Everything I Never Told You ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Od njihove kuće bude pronađeno Lidijino telo delikatna ravnoteža u porodici Li biće uništena i u njihovim životima zavladaće rasuloOvo je roman pun detaljnih zapažanja i odlično prikazanih emocija koje proživljavaju likovi dugo potiskivane neostvarene želje roditelja kojima opterećuju decu i napor i borba članova porodice za međusobnim razumevanjem„Životne priče o kakvima se do sada nije pisalo Ozbiljno odlično delo – osećajan istanč. Hmmmm uintessential MFA graduate writing which is to say lyrical creative prose that captures emotion in the details following the MFA formula of show don t tell to provide character exposition The author shows us the interiority of her characters brilliantly and then goes on to slam us over the head with explicit telling as if we re complete morons who can t figure it out for ourselves Further the themes that guide the relationships in this family are so over the top and one note Ie mother s vicarious ambition for daughter is an attempt to resurrect and fulfill her own thwarted aspirations that the every exchange revolves around whatever singular force guides the particular relationship in a way that is exhaustingly heavy handed This interfered with enjoying the book and getting invested in the characters for me Despite the beautiful writing I didn t believe for a minute that one of these characters was real and I didn t buy any if the relationships They all felt like symbols or allegories almost the way characters in fairy take would I craved a little complexity and depth from the relationships in the family and although I couldn t put the book down found myself feeling a little meh when I was finished

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Read & Download » Everything I Never Told You ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB An portret jedne porodice“ Book Review„Izvanredno Selest Ing u potpunosti gospodari ovom složenom pričom o više generacija jedne porodice Sve što ti nikad nisam rekla je delo koje ća vas uvući među svoje stranice snažnom pričom o ključnim i zamršenim porodičnim vezama koje se veoma lako mogu izgubiti“ Los Angeles Times„Divna emotivna priča koja budi empatiju Majstorski sazdana studija o tugovanju i nesreći jedne porodice“ Boston Glo. I received this book for review from Penguin Boy oh boy was I impressed by this book Before I started reading it I was expecting something Lovely Bones esc No So much better This story is kicks off with the reader finding out about the death of the favorite child Lydia with this I assumed it would just be an emotional book about finding the cause of death ect ect Nope But also yes This book s scope is beyond what I was first expecting and branches off in so many directions as we follow the families lives after and before the death of Lydia This book is truly about Everything I never Told You the book focuses on each member of the family their hopes fears dreams ect and how at so many important parts of their lives they never voiced any of it and showed the conseuences of doing so Additionally this book is set in the 1970 s and deals with both race Identity and gender Identity This book was truly a treat and I will be doing a full review soon on my channel

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Read & Download » Everything I Never Told You ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Bestseler New York TimesaNagrada APALA za najbolji roman 2015Lidija je mrtva Ali oni to još ne znaju Ovim rečima počinje nesvakidašnji roman Selest Ing o porodici kineskog porekla koja živi u Americi sedamdesetih godina prošlog veka Lidija je omiljeno dete Merilin i Džejmsa Lija koji se nadaju da će ona ispuniti njihova velika očekivanja i ostvariti sve ono o čemu maštaju a što sami nisu bili u mogućnosti da dosegnu Ali kada u jezeru nedaleko. Before that she hadn t realized how fragile happiness was how if you were careless you could knock it over and shatter it This book is a fantastic character portrait I don t read these kinds of stories too often family dramas with a focus on the everyday but when I do I m usually pleasantly surprised As much as I m a lover of amazing story arcs with problems and terrifying conseuences there really is something so fascinating about peopleA book that focuses on the dynamics between the members of an American family in the 1970s should be slow and yet I finished this book in a single sitting Probably because the characters are so rich and well drawn Celeste Ng has portrayed the intricate details of these people of their relationships of their complex web of contradictory emotionsNg opens with the statement Lydia is dead Then she delves into the lives of the Lee family as they learn of her disappearance and eventually have to deal with the loss of their beloved daughter and sister The timeline of the novel skips from past to present weaving in a history of the characters gradually revealing the subtle ways this seemingly close knit family do not know each other at allIt is subtle which actually makes it dramatic in my opinion It incorporates sexism racism and miscegenation without becoming a story about any of them This uiet book is so powerful and haunting in the complexity of its simple moments and interactions The central story of the book Lydia s death is a platform on which the author explores this family because it is really about the lives of people The way Marilyn and James fulfill a need for each other that goes beyond love it s also a sense of belonging and understanding they can t find elsewhere The layers of love jealousy and uiet resentment between people I don t know how an author manages to make the mundane so vivid and so fascinatingI felt so emotionally pulled into this book that it seems weird to emerge into the real world and find that these characters are not real I m left with a lingering sadness and a need to read whatever Celeste Ng writes nextBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest