[E–pub New] (Between Rhetoric and Activism) by Susanne Kranz

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  • Paperback
  • 300
  • Between Rhetoric and Activism
  • Susanne Kranz
  • en
  • 08 June 2020
  • 9783643906489

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Between Rhetoric and Activism Summary Ì 0 Cture provides a basis from which to compare the various state level approaches to activism The book sheds light on the ongoing theoretical debates of Marxism and feminism and their compatibilities in their Indian specific circumstances Investigating the first 25 years of AIDWA's ex.

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Between Rhetoric and Activism Summary Ì 0 The focus of this book is the All India Democratic Women's Association AIDWA within the larger context of contemporary Indian women's movements AIDWA is assessed and analyzed as a left oriented party affiliated all India women's organization An examination of its administrative stru.

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Between Rhetoric and Activism Summary Ì 0 Istence 1981 2006 the book looks at the explicit relationship between the Communist Party of India Marxist and AIDWA and how both cooperate and define each other Series Gender Discussion Gender Diskussion Vol 25 Subject Sociology Politics Women's Studies Feminism India Studies Histo.