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Characters è Black Panther by Christopher Priest S itself on the verge of war with Lemuria and Atlantis and Klaw Malice and Man Ape threaten to destroy the African Avenger once and for allCOLLECTING BLACK PANTHER 1998 18 35 DEADPOOL 1997. I found this volume to be much better than the first Now that Priest has developed the supporting characters there are a number of subplots that are happening now The plots weave in and out together although sometimes a little bit too much back and forth with abrupt transitions all of which are genuinely interesting Storytelling became linear with fewer captions and dialogue although slightly less humorThe best story was a global political story featuring the other monarchs of the Marvel Universe The back and forth with Namor was spectacular Priest has the Panther s personality firmly defined the ultimate strategist multiple steps in front of everyone Not an easy book to read keeps his cards close to hiscostume But he s also willing to do pretty much anything to save his country and people including jeopardize friendships and incite war with other countries in the pr

Summary Black Panther by Christopher PriestBlack Panther by Christopher Priest

Characters è Black Panther by Christopher Priest When T'Challa falls to the one foe he's never beaten Killmonger earns the right to become the new Black Panther Only Everett K Ross can save T'Challa's life okay Ross plus Moon Knight Broth. Priest maintains a nice balance of geopolitical thriller and bringing back old Black Panther villains While the Killmonger story ran a couple issues long his issues where he tries to join the Avengers as the new Black Panther are fantastic The Man Ape issues are especially strong as well There was an interesting afterward by the inker Bob Almond He talked about how any of the longer stories were invariably cut short by editorial because this book was consistently on the cusp of being cancelled All in all another great group of Black Panther stories even if they may be too reliant on guest stars

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Characters è Black Panther by Christopher Priest Er Voodoo and the Panther God Still suffering the deposed Wakandan leader finds himself caught in a cat trap with the Avengers and Deadpool Storm of the X Men offers comfort as Wakanda find. 4 14 stars