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FREE READ Les Liaisons dangereuses Pierre Choderlos de Laclos ´ 7 CHARACTERS CHARACTERS Les Liaisons dangereuses 107 Nt two rivals and ex lovers who use seduction to humiliate people and enjoying their cruel games The Story illustrated the decadence of French aristocracy shortly before French Revolution It has also been described as an amoral story The book is compose. By the second letter the film Cruel Intentions bloomed in my mind I never even bothered to learn where that movie was adapted from Now I m uite happy to have come upon this book I just love the Surprise Yourself stack at my library I was intimidated at first but after a few pages I was hooked This is deliciously devious and entertaining On the surface reading Les Liaisons Dangereuses is no difficult than following a very long Facebook conversation thread even better if you have scandalous friends not that I have any If this novel is an accurate picture of the French aristocratic class of the time it s easy to see why revolution was brewing among the peasants and working classes There are no happy endings here except maybe for me I m uite satisfied that the characters got what they deserved

FREE READ Les Liaisons dangereusesLes Liaisons dangereuses

FREE READ Les Liaisons dangereuses Pierre Choderlos de Laclos ´ 7 CHARACTERS CHARACTERS Les Liaisons dangereuses 107 D entirely of letters written by the characters to each other The letters between Maruise and Valmont drive the plot It is often regarded as source of phrase “Revenge is a dish best served cold” However the phrase didn’t appear in the original nov. Definitely the best epistolary book I have ever read and probably one of the best novels displaying the double morale in the eighteenth century ParisMonsieur de Laclos masters the style creating two hero villain characters whom although monsters without scruples one can t help to admire They are playful amusing witty and skillful in the art of deception They are also vain prideful creatures who seek their own pleasure without caring for the outcome of their poor victimsMaruise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont are incredibly wealthy and bored to death So they play dangerous games for entertainment imposing challenges to each other seducing young virgins making adulteress out of prude virtuous women taking revenge of formers lovers ruining their reputation and they succeed in doing all the mischief they want without being discovered What s they are honourable and well received in societyImagine their mirth when they accomplish every evil scheme they propose while they become their victims only friends and savioursBut apart from the elaborated style and the amusing display of strategic tactics which thread the story one can t miss the allusion to the thin line of what s morally right or wrong Is what is socially accepted the true and only wayMaruise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont are not exemplary models of sincerity or frankness but they challenge the imposed rules somehow they outwit hypocrisy the problem is that they only do it to achieve personal gratification corrupting their souls and everyone who dares to trust in themIn my opinion it s incredible that a novel written than 180 years ago might still stir deep emotions in those who can invest a moment of their time to think about the possible reasons that led a man like M de Laclos to write this controversial storyDon t take this novel only as a mere diversion it s much than that It s about recognising that each of us has some of the Vicomte or of the Maruise in us we are all vain and proud and think ourselves superior to the rest That s why I value this work because it reminds us of what wretched and capricious creatures we humans can become

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FREE READ Les Liaisons dangereuses Pierre Choderlos de Laclos ´ 7 CHARACTERS CHARACTERS Les Liaisons dangereuses 107 The Dangerous Liaisons or Les Liaisons dangereuses is an epistolary novel written by French novelist official and general Pierre Ambroise Francois Choderlos de Lachos published in 1782 The main characters are Maruise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmo. Dangerous Liaisons improves as it progresses I was tempted to abandon it but I persisted and am glad for although this epistolary novel of the last days of the ancien regime initially appears to be stylish but superficial it soon grows in both subtlety and power Many of the difficulties of the book are perhaps inevitable in any work that chronicles seduction in epistolary form The letters of the wicked are elegant the letters of the good are instructive but the letters of the naive and innocent are by necessity simple and ingenuous and their lack of awareness both taxes the patience and dissipates the interest of the reader all the so because they aggravate his sympathies and frustrate his moral impulses at the same time Moreover once we accustom ourselves to the novel s stylistic beauties we become aware that the other literary pleasures we receive from it are not only emotionally coarse and morally perverse but also devoid of suspense as we watch those who are invincible in wickedness debauch the defenseless and the goodA third of the way through however we learn about our depraved aristocrats and our interest in the novel grows We learn that the Vicomte de Valmont can enjoy a philanthropic pleasure while failing to appreciate its intrinsic value seeing it merely as one step on the path of Madame de Tourvel s seduction This makes him appear less innately evil and thus perhaps paradoxically thoroughly damnedThen almost halfway through the Maruise de Merteuil tells Valmont the story of her self imposed moral education in emotional control and duplicity and although we cannot bring ourselves to like her we come to sympathize with any woman like herself born with a commanding character and prodigious appetites who must strive to preserve her respectability in a ritualized patriarchal societyIn the novel s second half the plot gets thicker the dupes grow wiser and the games that once appeared witty and decadent now seem pointless and destructive In the end the plot veers sharply from the amoral toward the moralistic but keeps itself from plummeting into sanctimony by the absurdity of the punishments allocated for the wicked This formal resolution like the endings of Measure for Measure and All s Well that Ends Well fulfills without satisfying and therefore leads us to continue to uestion the moral lessons we already thought we had learned