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REVIEW Consort by J.A. Jaken J.A. Jaken à 0 REVIEW DOWNLOAD Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à J.A. Jaken E of its means The House’s uniue resources are called upon once again to investigate the mystery as Charon and his boys are caught up in a web of intrigue peril and sensuality that may end up costing them their liv. There s no kind way to say this but the first half of this book wasa struggle to get through I don t really like characters being impulsive or irrational and getting themselves or others into trouble through their impulsiveness and irrationality I don t really like melodrama caused by characters just flat out being incapable of thinking an issue through to arrive at really obvious conclusionsFirst on the list of frustrations was Tam who s always been a sort of mischievous and precocious character but in this book seems psychologically compelled to break rules or get himself into trouble over some loyal gut inclinations to protect his familyor possibly just for shits and giggles to stave off boredom He s not exactly some troublemaking brat it s just that his character could be summed up by people saying Don t do the thing with him responding I m gonna do the thing Yes obviously the usual literary rationale for characters behaving badly to cause problems for themselves or others is that there wouldn t be any story to tell if characters just did what they were supposed to do all the time without stirring any pots That s fine except that the stuff Tam does only ends up being very peripherally tied to the plot at all I m not sure if we were meant to find it charming for him to repeatedly break fundemantal house rules by invading various clients privacies and messing with his friends markson the one hand it makes Tam seem spirited and adventurous and on the other hand it just makes him seem like some irresponsible child who doesn t see how reckless actions have conseuences and can t plan than a half step ahead to avoid them case in point Tam gets bit in the ass mostly literally every single time he breaks rules to do what he pleases in this storyAnd then there s Reiji who gets involved in this really transparent love triangle of sorts and just kind of spends the whole first half of this book being jealous or irritable or whiney sometimes all three at the same time projecting his frustrations at anyone within earshot I hadn t even realized how little I care for jealousy driven love triangles particularly when the narrator in uestion seems determined to just fume bitterly and ineffectually for the most part of said plot until I d encountered it here in this book I suppose I ought to be thankful that now I know to avoid such things in the future Yes it makes sense and is in character for Reiji to act this way in this situation Still doesn t make it particularly enjoyable to experience There s one moment where Charon says to Reiji after the boy has said or done something particularly rude What s the matter This isn t like you at all and I didn t know whether to roll my eyes or laugh aloud This isn t like him Being an ornery prat has literally been the only thing that Reiji has done in the story up to that point And my god was it ever exhausting to read aboutSpeaking of Charon During my review of the first two books in this series I d criticized the character of Charon for being portrayed as some sort of faultless caring mentor when in fact he does consciously allow some very bad things to happen to his boys in and out of the bedroom This book almost takes it too far in the opposite direction where Charon is just this giant fluffy softie whose heart melts into puddles at the merest pout from his incorrigible wards There are many points here where it seems like Charon really should be stricter or impose much serious repercussions or hell even any repercussions at all against any employees who step as far out of line as they do here but his idea of discipline seems to be to just sigh and send them off to bed with a long suffering expressionY know those heist movies where we re told that the team is a well oiled machine at the top of their field but in fact we re shown that its members are so dysfunctional maybe someone s too much of a bleeding heart and another member s too much of a loose cannon and no one can agree on anything or follows any rules or plays anything safely that it s a wonder how any of them have survived to this point much less earned any sort of proficient reputation for themselves The beginning of this book reminds me of the uh male brothel version of that I basically have a hard time imagining how this place even functions as a finely tuned establishment considering how mischievous or volatile or trigger happy its employees can be and that its employer just basically allows these guys to run ramshackle however they likeNow all that being said The second half of House of Silence Escort is like a whole different book and or less salvages the whole experience for me Once the plot gets going it really gets going at a headlong pace and doesn t let up for an moment All the irritating traits that these characters exhibited recede to the background while their endearing ualities come to the fore if you re at all invested in any of these characters then it s certainly worthwhile to see how they deal with the surprising threat that pops up in this story And really it s almost adorable that the motley crew of characters here seem like maladjusted powderkegs when things are actually uiet and peaceful at their house whereas they come across functional and compatible when the shit has hit the fan and everything is going terribly Now if only this book had just a little bit less of the former and a little bit of the latter

REVIEW Consort by J.A. JakenConsort by J.A. Jaken

REVIEW Consort by J.A. Jaken J.A. Jaken à 0 REVIEW DOWNLOAD Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à J.A. Jaken Threatened when a friend from Charon’s youth arrives with an urgent reuest for assistance one of the local cabals is overreaching its boundaries gobbling up disproportionate amounts of territory and capital outsid. 35 starsI have so been looking forward to this third book in the House of Silence series I loved the first two A story set in an exclusive male brothel with lots of hot guys who know just how to get their kink on What s not to like But that second book Ricochet is a hard act to follow there was so much delicious mayhem in that one so much great coming together of kinky sex dark secrets political intrigue and nicely paced actionadventureThe title is interesting I m guessing it alludes to much of Consort being about Reiji Kendo who is also featured on the book cover He s one of my favorites of the rent boys mostly because he s a punk ass street urchin martial artist aficionado and I like that about him But Reiji doesn t get to kick nearly enough ass in this one to suit me It s mostly about his developing relationship with Charon I like that too sure Reiji as consort to the sexy urbane mysterious brothel owner they make a very different kind of couple But this rendering errs on the side of relationship angst versus ninja action and I just need of thatThe story gets a very very slow start the first fifty percent of it is mostly telling how all our brothel babes are safely back in the house after the excesses of book two We get recounting of who they are where they re from what they re about etc So rehashing of stuff already covered in the first two booksAnd there s a lot of something is not uite right type dialogue The lads are twitchy they keep asking each other what s wrong We re kept on tenterhooks waiting for all hell to break loose again About half way in say whaaat we find out what s up but then well it s nothing really new or momentous in my opinion I don t think I m spoilering anything by saying it s all about those family gangs the cabals up to their dirty tricks with their crafty agents jostling for power More of that Which is fine but those dangerous cabals get short shrift in the story the infighting just seems surface and the action is very reminiscent of what we saw in book two Maybe it s due to my great expectations that I find myself underwhelmed and a little disappointed with Consort RecapReviews Book one Exodus sets up the characters and world and we got lots of luscious sex playBook two Ricochet some great action and mayhem with gang infighting and peril to the rent boys and their brothel house The tension builds Book three Consort is about how a brothel can be the nexus of sex and political intrigue lots of kinky play between the rent boys and their lecherous customers warnings knife blood needle play sounding Okay here s one I especially liked a tie em uptie em down scene with Tam and Monet a new very twisty customer Poor abused boy I m being so mean to you aren t I Surprised by the suddenness of the penetration Tam lifted his hips and gasped Please he said his body was screaming at him for release now He was starting to shake from it like a junkie who couldn t get his fix he was such a shameless brazen whore Please Oh yeah the bedroom action sizzles but sorry the outside action kinda fizzlesKinky scenes 45 starsActionadventureintrigue 25 starsFinal rating 35 starsFor this and other great reviews author interviews and general fabulousness visit Love Bytes

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REVIEW Consort by J.A. Jaken J.A. Jaken à 0 REVIEW DOWNLOAD Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à J.A. Jaken The House of Silence is an elite male bordello presided over by the infamous Master Charon Marue On the surface the business of the House is straightforward enough but its carefully constructed veneer of innocence is. 15 Stars rounded up only for nostalgia s sakeSadly this book was a fail I enjoyed the first two books but Consort had zero character progression It was predictable and a carbon copy of book 2 The only difference was that Tam was the center of the plot in this book At first the book seemed to be showing the possibility of a character driven story through some of the new friendships developing view spoiler Vincent was becoming close to Nao and I started to see glimpses of them coming out of their shell but unfortunately nothing came of their friendship I did enjoy seeing Charon and Reiji together and learning about Charon s past but it wasn t enough to propel the story hide spoiler