EBOOK / KINDLE (Single Dads Christmas Miracle) AUTHOR Susan Meier

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 256
  • Single Dads Christmas Miracle
  • Susan Meier
  • English
  • 15 August 2020
  • 9780373742608

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Single Dads Christmas Miracle Read à 4 Free download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Susan Meier review Single Dads Christmas Miracle Lp the Beaumont family begins to come alive again and against the odds Althea hopes that when Christmas morning arrives there will be four stockings hanging over the fireplace. Althea is single and is on her way to visit her sister She went for an interview with Clark who is looking for a tutor for his son Jack whose needs help in his studies From the first moment they met Althea saw what is wrong with the family Clark is too protective of his children Clark s wife died 3 years ago and he have been taking care of their children Due to the circumstances leading to the death of his wife he tried hard to shield his children from nasty gossips He doesn t allow them to study at the town school and not letting them to go anywhere they want His younger daughter Teagan is talking by whispering Given her past of dealing with abuse which have resulted in her leaving her home after she graduated from High School she can see that both the children is suffering Clark s protectiveness has inadvertently hurting his Children s with his controlling and protectiveness dealing with the aftermath of his wife as best as he can Wanting the children to be happy for the holiday season Althea tries her best to help Clark and in the process they have fallen in love This book is a sweet romance and I couldn t help it to feel that I was there with the family while Althea work her magic to help Clark Both Althea and Clark have tough issues that they need do overcome and I like how strong they have become as a unit at the end of the story

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Single Dads Christmas Miracle Read à 4 Free download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Susan Meier review Single Dads Christmas Miracle His little girl talking only in whispers he needs nothing short of a miracle when one arrives on his doorstep Althea Johnson is only meant to tutor Clark's son But with her he. I read this book as part of my Things To Do in 2014 That I Have Never Done Before personal development For years I have scoffed at Mills and Boon books without having ever read one A good friend of mine at work who is pretty cluey reads these all the time Not only does she read them she also buys them So I had a ready source of material Having asked her to lend me one on the uiet I was horrified to return from my holiday in Jan this year to find two of them ON my desk In PLAIN view of the two blokes with whom I shared a bay of desks There is no way they could have failed to notice them as I keep my desk free of everything that I m not working on And being on leave it was totally devoid of anything THANKS K I rapidly took the books home and there they sat on a shelf of my bookcase for 105 months Then a couple of weeks ago I realised I had better get cracking or I would not be able to tick off my list the 5km in 25 mins box also on the list was certainly not going to get a tick but that s another storyLast Friday I picked one out By page 4 saw an inward but silent groan I was on a public train with the book pressed firmly against my knees lest any other commuter saw the cover when one of the characters within 3 mins of meeting the other had nerve endings tingling I like to finish what I start so just kept going Now I fully recognise that reading is an escape from reality In fact I fully subscribe to the notion that when one reads one can be transported to another era another life another idea each of which may be far removed from the reality of ones own life it can t be anything other than an escape Indeed some days that is my whole premise for reading But for me MB have confirmed that escape has to be grounded in SOME form of reality Sorry M and B you don t do that for me Especially when you are coupled with the added frustration of not being able to tell which character was saying what in a two way conversation by product of poor writingediting I just don t feel like I will be able to read another one of you Especially when there are over 100 books on my current WANT TO READ list I don t want to shock anyone BUT I m NOT 20 any However I do get why people read you My friend admitted the fact you are not realistic was the attraction and escape for her That s fine I just need my escape to at least have the this could happen or this is different idea to think about element FIRMLY entrenched Or if you are going to be totally unrealistic at least be like Oscar and write well So Whilst a sample size of 1 is way way below the reuired min reuired for a statistically significant result at least thanks to 2014 I now have empirical evidence to support the original hypothesis Mills and Boon are not for me

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Single Dads Christmas Miracle Read à 4 Free download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Susan Meier review Single Dads Christmas Miracle He needs a helping hand Having recently lost his wife Clark Beaumont is trying to make it through the holidays for the sake of his kids But with his son failing at school and. Holiday romances are always the very best and Susan Meier usually delivers a good one for the Romance line This year s is super sweet and very heartwarmingAlthea is hired on the spot as Clark s son Jack s tutor but she become s so much than that She becomes the band aid on a family that needs a lot of healingClark s wife was killed in a car accident 3 years prior and everyone is taking it badly Clark the most because his wife had been cheating on him and he s living with the belief that his 3 year old daughter Teagan might not really be hisHe s very over protective VERY over protectiveThese two characters work very well together and from the very beginning they have a chemistry It is nice to have a romance where there isn t a lot of conflict between the hero and heroine on their way to their happily ever afterThe conflict in this story really comes from Althea s father who was abusive He s just downright nasty I wish Clark would have had the opportunity to punch the man in the nose because I wanted to He messed up so many lives and was ultimately trying to mess up Althea s new relationship with ClarkWhat I love about Susan Meier s books are the focus on family She writes children so well I adored Jack and Teagan she was so precious Toss the holiday into this story and what you have is close to perfectionThis is a must read for sweet romance lovers out there as well as those of us who love Christmas romances