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  • Happily Even After
  • Marilynn Griffith
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  • 05 June 2020
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Free read î Happily Even After 104 Named mother in lawueen Elizabeth who can't stand meI'm about to lose my mind So it's high time for a visit to the Sassy Sistahood for some much needed advice about men marriage and motherho. at first I didn t think I would be able to finish this book because the main character was driving me crazy but things turned around and it is turning into a good bookI like that the Tracey managed to accept herself and also help her MIL realize that her actions weren t helping any oneIt was an enjoyable book and a fairly uick read

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Free read î Happily Even After 104 I marry a gorgeous executive have a baby lose all the weight most of it and move to a fine house in the suburbs with a welcoming new church Wait did I say welcoming One teeny waaah and new mo. The mother in law from hell was no joke Tracey finds herself against a wall when her husband Ryan will not speak up every time ueen Elizabeth be little her at any time or place It didn t matter how hard she tired to do the right thing ueen always looks for the bad in it It takes Tracey to walk out many times for her husband to pay attention and to defend her to his mother Tracey finds herself making friends with women in the cry baby room Daycare of the church But who really sets it off is Mother Redding of the church to tell everyone about themselves This is when Tracey wakes up and starts to smell the coffee Tracey starts to put people in their places as you start to think it s all good All hell brakes when

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Free read î Happily Even After 104 Thers and their crying babies are exiled to a separate room At least there's some enlightening conversation Like about my husband and issues I didn't even know about And then there's my aptly. Great mom lit Marilynn knows how to keep a story moving I loved this sassy tale of friendship and church ladies love and despair hope and frailty forgiveness and commitment Great stuff I felt so bad for Tracey for the first two thirds of the book I truly felt her pain But I also enjoyed the drama and the tension between her and her man over his mother Great stuff Wait I already said that Anyway this book is engrossing and entertaining and has enough twists to crimp your hair but not your style Okay so that was a bit corny Seriously if you love sassy sistah lit with a smattering of spiritual nourishment this book is one you ll enjoy And the humor about her weight was pretty hilarious and realistic too Did I me