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Neil Gaiman Ó 0 summary review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Neil Gaiman Stardust summary Ì 0 Taking illustrations combine to create a novel with pictures an adult fairy tale that plunges the reader into the very heart of an enchanting magical land Tying in with the release of the film this is your chance to own a piece of Stardus. This is the one case the ONLY case so far Edit not any Bridget Jones gets the honor too where I prefer the movie to the book I know it s a sacrilege and you can all burn me at the stake but it is nonetheless the truth It s also one of the few times I watched the movie before reading the book simply because I had no idea the book existed And I loved the movie I mean really really loved it So of course when I discovered it was based on a book I rushed to get it Now please don t get me wrong it s a good book It s a very very good book and I love how Neil Gaiman tried and succeeding at creating a dark fairytale Because it is very much a fairytale except it s probably not so much for kids as it is for adults It shows us that fairytales aren t all glitter and roses and good vs evil with happy endings for all the good guys It s a realistic fairytale That seems like such a contradiction and few other people than Neil Gaiman could make it work so thank god he s the one who wrote it The problem is that having watched the movie I wanted a fairytale All the things I loved the best about the movie weren t in the book and it s usually the other way around I was surprised too I mean no Captain Shakespeare No happy stars in the sky ending The movie was such a feel good one and the book Not so much Had I done it in the proper order book then movie I m absolutely certain I would have felt differently about it but that s not how it is Both book and movie are amazing in their own right and perhaps I shouldn t even compare them but ah too late Still this is a great book and I really enjoyed it So don t rid yourself of the chance to get to know some fantastic characters and go on a proper fairytale adventure with no risk of sugar exposure

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Neil Gaiman Ó 0 summary review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Neil Gaiman Stardust summary Ì 0 Together with acclaimed artist Charles Vess Gaiman returns to the realm of Faerie for a lavishly illustrated tale of an ancient world where magic and humanity mingle in extraordinary ways Gaiman's exuisitely crafted text and Vess' breath. A friend gave me this book and I decided to read it before going to see the movie since I d heard so many rave reviews of the film If the movie hadn t been my carrot though I never would have made it through the first chapter let alone the entire story Let me say that I adore the fantasy genre check my book list so this is not outside my interest However in attempting to write a fairy tale for adults Gaimon completely missed the mark Apparently his idea of what makes a story for adults is generous sprinklings of gore violence and sex Considering that the rest of the story is written with child like simplicity these sections are jarring to say the least When I stumbled across the first somewhat graphic sex scene within a few dozen pages I literally stopped to double check what book I was reading Call me a prude but I don t think words like nipple and thrust really flow well in a fairy tale Also I defy any fantasy lover to not flinch in horror at Gaimon s brutal and gore spattered murder and subseuent dismemberment of the heroine s unicorn Pooling bodily fluids No thank youStill it s not so much the sex violence that disturbed me although if I liked that kind of thing I wouldn t be reading fantasy it was that they were included in a tale lauded for its childlike adventure and whimsy Even the description here on goodreads compares it to Princess Bride the Neverending Story an insult beyond comprehension to works which demonstrate that with skill an author can in fact write a fairy tale for adults without employing R rated tactics Lest you think I am allowing several instances of violence and sex to ruin my opinion of the entire work let me address the actual plot line and writing Gaimon can write obviously but the plot is riddled with fantasy travel cliches oh he slept in a hayloft How original and tiresome caricatures The hero is an unsympathetic clod the star is referred to almost exclusively as the star rendering her an inanimate object than a living being and the rare nuggets of interest such as the lightning pirates and the mysterious kingdom brotherhood are glossed over in a few paragraphs And for a book that does not flinch from sex where is the romance between the star hero We endure their pedantic bickering the entire book only to be rewarded with a passionless declaration of love betwixt them by the end The ending is predictable yet less than satisfying since the evil witch ueen escapes justice and ultimately the star faces a lonely immortality bereft of her love Not exactly the stuff happy endings are made ofUPDATE I finally saw the movie and let me say how grateful I am that it is NOTHING like the book Other than borrowing the majority of the plot character names the movie is night day different employing a vast amount of humor charm where the book was violent and grim I only wish my perspective had not been tainted by the book

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Neil Gaiman Ó 0 summary review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Neil Gaiman Stardust summary Ì 0 From multi award winning creator of The Sandman Neil Gaiman comes the incredible work that broke new ground in graphic novel storytelling re issued in a deluxe hardback edition with a new cover and eight additional pages of bonus material. B 77% Good Notes The ending s flat and it doesn t have a climax but it s still a great homage to the tradition of dark folkloric fairy tales