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characters Dead Man Stalking 107 Orders that might change everythingThis story is set sometime after Michael’s transformation to full vampire but not long after; Shane’s still getting used to the idea that his best not a vamp friend has switched sides There’s a little bromance and a lot of Frank CollinsI might have been thinking just a little bit about the iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode ‘The Zeppo’ but only in the undead football player sense And yes I uoted the eighties movie Buckaroo Banzai Guilty as charg. Zombies Always something new in Morganville

characters Dead Man StalkingDead Man Stalking

characters Dead Man Stalking 107 Originally published in the IMMORTAL anthology edited by PC CastLiving in West Texas is sort of like living in Hell but without the favorable climate and charming people Living in Morganville Texas is all that and a takeout bag of worse I should know My name is Shane Collins and I was born here left here came back here none of which I had much choice aboutThis story was first published in the BenBella Books anthology Immortal edited by none other than P C Cast so if you want to read some other. Hey look zombies I guess we had to go there in the end considering the countless references made throughout the seriesAs with some of the other short stories this would have worked well as a major event within the series Sadly however through being such a short story it became too focused upon Shane and his father and the fact that there could have been a zombie invasion was lost in the windIt was interesting to read but failed to truly grab my attention

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characters Dead Man Stalking 107 Killer YA vampire tales go in search of it You won’t be disappointedI decided to do an action oriented story from Shane’s point of view There was a running joke at the time that I should throw some zombies into Morganville and while I didn’t succumb to the temptation in the books I veered into it here in a way We get to visit some great Morganville locations fight some zombies and find out where Michael has disappeared to and what Shane’s father has been doing just beyond the town’s b. Read on January 17 2012Dead Man Stalking Rachel Caine 3 Stars Well that was shorter than I expected or maybe it just went by so fast It was nice to see things from Shane s POV We all knew his dad was a nut job but wow this was wayyyyy out there