[Tragedy after Nietzsche Rapturous Superabundance] E–pub Ï Paul Gordon

Tragedy after Nietzsche Rapturous Superabundance

review Tragedy after Nietzsche Rapturous Superabundance 103 In Tragedy after Nietzsche Paul Gordon sets out to rescue the notion of tragedy for the modern world a world that has lived through the Holocaust and the death of God In settings as far reaching as Kant Yeats Freud and the American blues Gordon argues for the continued importance of tragedy as a genre of rapturous superabundanceIn defining rapturous superabundance Gordon explicates the tension between Apollonian principles of preservation and orderly boundaries exemplif.

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review Tragedy after Nietzsche Rapturous Superabundance 103 Repressing forbidden desire Gordon follows Nietzsche in identifying the Dionysian Apollonian tension as the creative source of tragedy indeed of all great art and also the source of the audience's pleasure at witnessing tragedy's spectacles of destruction and despair By understanding tragedy as a rapturous confrontation with the abyss of meaninglessness Tragedy after Nietzsche affirms the eternal rebirth of a tragic spirit that unites passion and beauty with destruction.

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review Tragedy after Nietzsche Rapturous Superabundance 103 Ied in Aristotle's theory of tragedy and an ecstatic Dionysian energy essentially a manifestation of will that ruptures boundaries Aristotle denied this disruptive element by focusing on tragedy as a rational framework for redefining moral boundaries Nietzsche seized on it as the core of his theory of tragedyGordon expands on Nietzsche's definition of tragedy as the rapturous confrontation between the human and those forces that exceed it Tapping Freud's theories about.

  • Hardcover
  • 162
  • Tragedy after Nietzsche Rapturous Superabundance
  • Paul Gordon
  • English
  • 13 June 2020
  • 9780252025747

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