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review ☆ Dinner: Changing the Game Antry see pages And the payoff is exponential In these pages its all here for you Harissa Chicken with Leeks Potatoes and Yogurt TOTAL TIME HOUR MINUTES MARINATING SERVES One of my all time favorites this sheet pan supper has it allspicy harissa laced roasted chicken sweet browned leeks crunchy potatoes plus a cool garnish of salted yogurt and plenty of fresh bright herbs Its a little lighter than your average roasted chicken and potatoes dinner and a lotprofoundly flavored The key here and with all sheet pan suppers is to make sure the ingredients can all cook together on the same pan This means cutting sturdy denser things into smaller chunks that will cook at the same rate chicken potatoes and adding thedelicate ingredients here the leeks toward the end so they dont burn Another important note dont overpopulate the pan You need to leave space between things so ingredients can brown and crisp rather than steam If you want to double the recipe to feed six you can as long as you spread everything out in two pans rather than crowding them in one pounds bone in skin on chicken thighs and drumsticks pounds Yukon Gold potatoes peeled and cut into inch chunks teaspoons kosher salt teaspoon freshly ground black pepper tablespoons harissa teaspoon ground cumin tablespoons extra virgin olive oil plusas needed leeks white and light green parts halved lengthwise rinsed and thinly sliced into half moons teaspoon grated lemon zest cup plain yogurt preferably whole milk if using Greek thin it down with a little milk to make it drizzle able small garlic clove cup mixed soft fresh herbs such as dill parsley mint and or cilantro leaves Fresh lemon juice as needed Combine the chicken and potatoes in a large bowl Season them with teaspoons of the salt and teaspoon of the pepper In a small bowl whisk together the harissa cumin and tablespoons of the olive oil Pour this mixture over the chicken and potatoes and toss to combine Let it stand at room temperature for minutes Meanwhile in a medium bowl combine the leeks lemon zest teaspoon of the salt and the remaining tablespoons olive oil Heat the oven to F Arrange the chicken and potatoes in a single layer on a large rimmed baking sheet and roast for minutes Then toss the potatoes lightly and scatter the leeks over the baking sheet Roast until the chicken is cooked through and everything is golden and slightly crisped to minutes longer While the chicken cooks place the yogurt in a small bowl Grate the garlic clove over the yogurt and season with the remaining teaspoon salt and teaspoon pepper Spoon the yogurt over the chicken and vegetables in the baking sheet or you can transfer everything to a platter if you want to be fancy about it Scatter the herbs over the yogurt drizzle some olive oil and lemon juice over the top and serveThe recipes in Melissa Clarks Dinner are everything I want for my dinner Dishes which are familiar but fresh approachable but exciting The tone of the book is also just the sort of company Id want around my table Melissa is experienced enough in the kitchen to know that being relaxed is the only way to approach the evening meal It should be fun it should be easy it should be del.

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review ☆ Dinner: Changing the Game Introduction One of the most thrilling moments of culinary discovery in my life was when at age a friend and I took ourselves out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with our babysitting money We were paying We were without any grown ups And we could eat anything we wanted For the first time in my life I didnt have to order a proper meal I didnt even have to get an entre What I craved was two appetizers the crab salad and the rustic pt Then my friend and I split three desserts It felt both rebellious and liberating and very adult I think these days a lot of us eat this way at restaurants putting meals together from a variety of small plates and side dishes and splitting entres and desserts We arent afraid to mix it up to get what we really want But at home dinner still often means a protein and two sides A meat and two veg And this can make cooking dinner night after night a challenge because it ignores our evolution as a food culture Thats not how most of us eator want to eaton a daily basis Todays dinner can take a lot of different forms But the conundrum for cooks is that we havent defined what those forms are So its left many of us struggling in a void between what we think a proper meal should be and what we actually want to cook and eat for dinner But the fact that our collective tastes have changed is a boon for the cook an excuse to get creative Weve fallen love with all kinds of diverse ingredients preserved lemons kimchi miso uinoa pork belly panko And now that these ingredients are becomingavailable they can become kitchen staples expanding our horizons once we figure out how we like to use themAnd theyre a path out of the tyranny of a perfectly composed plate with three distinct elements in separate little piles The chicken the carrots the rice The meatloaf the mashed potatoes the peas At least for me evenpleasing is a giant salad filled with oozing creamy Burrata cheese ripe juicy tomatoes and peaches page Serve it with a baguette you picked up on the way home or suirreled away in your freezer and maybe some salami and thats all you need for a meal Likewise a grain bowl made from brown rice or red uinoa and topped with corn black beans and avocado page or fried tofu and kimchi page Or how about curried lentils with runny eggs and cool spiced yogurt page Or a simplified chicken pho with rice noodles and crispy chicken skin page These are one pot or bowl meals that reach a very high bar both in terms of taste and also preparation Less ishere More flavor less work Thats what this book is about Its designed to help you figure out what to make for dinner without falling back on what youve eaten before Its about giving you options lots of options Are you a vegetarian or just a vegetable lover Ive got you covered A die hard meat lover A fish enthusiast A pasta aficionado A culinary explorer ready to take on a challenge Or the kind of cook who wants to revel in the comforting and familiar but with a twista dash of Sriracha a sprinkling of Turkish chile a spoonful of minced preserved lemon or Indian lime pickle Adding flavor in unexpected ways using condiments makes dinner better but without any extra work once youve stocked your p.

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review ☆ Dinner: Changing the Game IciousYOTAM OTTOLENGHIMelissa Clark has an extrasensory ability to divine what we want to eat and a secret knowledge of how to take a familiar dish and make it just a littleinteresting In following her lead dinner getsdelicious and we become better cooks PETER MEEHAN Dinner is an expertly useful tool for the home cook Melissa Clark has stripped away fussiness and pretension and replaced it with sensibility and flavor This is food that you will absolutely crave MICHAEL SOLOMONOVBrilliant vibrant doable ideas that will change the way you think about dinner Youll cook out of this book for years Empowering DIANA HENRYMelissa Clark will take your tired dinner repertoire shake it out and give it a transfusion of enthusiasm flavor and whip smart efficiency In Dinnershe takes the timeless task of cooking pleasing yet inspiring dinners and waves away the challenge Dinner won t get Melissaor youdown She had me dreaming of kofte and kimchi pork chops coconut rice noodles and green aioli chicken saladANDA HESSERMelissa Clark cooking columnist at The New York Times has become the culinary euivalent of Walter Cronkite the most trusted name in America In our kitchen the pages of her newest book Dinner Changing The Game has already been splattered with several years worth of sauce and oiland the book was just published in March It is stated baldly a terrific and terrifically practical book with dishes that span global influences unabashed about its bold spicing with a one baking sheet ethos that advocates for both convenience and melding of pan juicesVIN PANGClarks book shot by Eric Wolfinger the LeBron James of food photography seems to solve every dinner problem from the rote Its what do I make for the kids to the head scratching What do I make for my fancy friends Heres the crazy thing though Often the answer to both uestions is the same recipe T he New York TimesOver why didnt I think of that recipes that could be on a table near you in under an hour BonApptit Clark wants to empower home cooks to tinker with her recipes not just follow them Food Wine The New York Times s superstar wants you to know that killer single pot meals are dead simple EsuireUnlike her contemporaries Clark has a good pulse on the cooking techniues du jour Eater Dinnermaps out a week of realistic at home dinners that transform throughout the week Bon Appetit Dinneris here to help you streamline your weeknight cooking strategy master new techniues and support you when you callscrambled eggs dinner In fact it ll tell you to go right ahead and add smoked trout and silky cream cheese Tasting Table This new cookbook overflows with such touches that transform a soup or salad into a satisfying meal as well as clever twists and why didnt I think of that flavor combinations Publishers WeeklyWith Clark as mentor the dinner game has changed and you re the winner BookpageA stellar collection of low effort high impact meals Library JournalClark has perfected the uickly prepped dinner hustleeven though the meals are essentially thrown together they look pretty gourmet on the plate Well GoodInventive flavor packed twists on classic meals using just a few uniue ingredients Closer Weekly.

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