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  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • Libertys Secrets
  • Joshua Charles
  • English
  • 10 February 2020
  • 9781938067594

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Libertys Secrets Read & Download Ë 104 E of virtue in so many areas of our culture – from twerking on stage to cheating scandals at universities to corporate theft by aggressive bankers – we should take heed of George Washington’s warning that “liberty when it degenerates into licentiousness begets confusion and freuently ends in tyranny or some woeful catastrophe”  Liberty’s Secrets exposes readers to the Founding Fathers as never before They believed in God Judeo Christian values and the freedom and necessity  of religion in order to have a free and prosperous society They believed in a free press and knew as John Adams argued “when a people is corrupted the press may be made an engine to complete their ruin” They believed in a limited government strong education and private property  Liberty’s Secrets . Excellent book It references actual uotes from our founding fathers Jefferson Adams Washington Madison are uoted the most Hamilton Sam Adams Franklin and Paine are also used uite a bit It is good to see the actual full length uote instead of just an explanation of their thinking or manipulation of a line or partial line to promote one s propaganda De Tocueville was referenced uite often as well Not to diminish the importance of his observations on this country in the early 1800 s but he is not a founding father I would of liked to seen a broader net cast on the founding father s

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Libertys Secrets Read & Download Ë 104 As much of the world looks at the United States with disdain and distrust it is time for us to take a cold hard look at what we have become John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people It is wholly inadeuate to the government of any other” We have strayed from our clear moral beginnings to become an egotistical culture that glorifies self We try to set our own standards despite Thomas Paine’s warning that “man cannot make or invent or contrive principles He can only discover them and he ought to look through the discovery to the Author” As our society celebrates injustice against people who stand for their convictions it’s hard to forget the words of John Adams who wrote “justice is a great Christian as well as moral duty” With the declin. WOW What an excellent book For anyone who is interested in a deeper realm of American history I would highly suggest you read this book Have a highlighter handy because there are uotes in there by our Founders that you ll want to remember This is a book that for sure will be reread in the future

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Libertys Secrets Read & Download Ë 104 Is like having a front row seat to the congresses and conventions where these leaders hashed out the profound issues of life and society Charles has cataloged all of the Founding Fathers' writings and in Liberty’s Secrets provides an exposé of their profound yet glossed over insights delving into the subjects most important to maintaining a free society at a time when we most need to recover them In so doing  Liberty’s Secretseuips readers to use the Founders' knowledge and understanding to neutralize the cultural myths currently undermining American liberty  It is hard not to wonder whether catastrophe is upon us If ever there was a time to grow up as a nation now is the time It is time to recover the morals and moorings of our Founders It is time to rediscover Liberty’s secret. There is a lot to like here and a ton to digest I took this out of the library and I think this is one of those books that is best to own and be able to highlight and come back to Some NF titles I can sit down and read for a lengthy time this not so much I did not finish itCharles knows his stuff and I plan on reading by him and purchasing this title