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Dirty Work Summary » 9 Ght people eight jobs some find their work takes them just beyond reality; for others beyond reality is just another day at the office. I bought this book a few months back because a friend reccommened it It sat on my kindle for a while got shuffled to the bottom of the list half forgotten But a month ago i was stuck on a late train back from london having just finished a novel and thought oh that book Ill give that a go Two hours later I reluctantly had to put it down to bike home which I did really uick so I could finish reading it Its BLOODY BRILLIANT witty clever scary philosophical and very funnyIf you like Jeff Noon Neal Stephenson Gaiman or Robert Ranking you ll be very at home with this excellent book of short stories and I know I will be thinking about and reading this often in the future

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Dirty Work Summary » 9 S the best man at a doomed stag night a PR consultant who's way out of his depth and a ninja everyone has a job to do Eight stories ei. This one is well worth reading It set my imagination on fire hit me with a blast of confusion on a few occasions and amazed me with its possibilitiesThe stories are very short and are something that I could have easily used in a National Forensic League competition when I was in high school and won it Reading this aloud would be uite easy and would entertain any Oral Reading judgeI would have blown through the competitionI would have gotten all the way to the State levelAnd maybe even into the semifinals from thereSorry I got a wee bit nostalgic for a second But that s what this short story collection did to me It was wild and exciting It got my heart beating My eyes leapt from one word to the next transfixed It brought back that buzzing sensation I used to have when I found that one perfect story to use for competition The one that was fast paced full of twists and easy to draw people into Something that brought me back a couple of decades into my pastThat s something that s worth readingIt s very likely that a few of these stories will cause gigantic uestion marks to form above your head You ll hit a couple of points where you ll think What in the heck just happenedJust go with it It s worth itAnd read the acknowledgements They won t give you any amazing eruptions of insight They won t impart any special knowledge But they will entertain you The acknowledgements really feel as though the author is sitting across from you at a pub amusing you with a great conversationThis one is a bit pricey for its length but it s worth every penny Chris Farnell has done something different with this collection even going as far as to change the format between stories That s a bit of a risk of course but I feel that it works giving this not just entertaining words but visual appeal as wellThis is a truncation of my full review posted to Undiscovered Tomes

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Dirty Work Summary » 9 I don't normally talk about work A call handler for an insurance company that offers out of this world cover a broker of Faustian pact. A lot of us never uite manage to achieve our dreams when it comes to our careers Rather than doing what we want to do we do what we need to do in order to pay the bills to get by and cover the basic necessities When you re a cubicle monkey like me you wish for escape Like Sam Lowry in Brazil you dream about getting away from it all and never having to come back This short story collection by Chris Farnell plays with the theme of work and how it makes us feelThe Broker If you are going to make a deal with a devil it only makes a certain amount of sense to have professional available to ensure that said transaction runs smoothly Timothy Marlowe is the man for that jobFlipped Do you remember Night of the Dolphin in The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XI This tale or should that be tail follows a similar vein The dolphins are coming and they are far from happy Teri a survivor battle against the greatest threat humanity has ever facedAnd Now A Word From Our Sponsor In a world where corporate sponsorship rules the day Andy wants a job than anything The big uestion just how far is he prepared to go and what exactly is he willing to doJust For The Taste Of It Sometimes ignorance is bliss especially when it comes to caffeinated beverage production A short sharp shock of a story that is than enough to put you off partaking in soft drinks for life Don t say I didn t warn youRight First Time Faulty microwave ovens popcorn and time travel Sounds like the perfect combination to me Seth is about to have the weirdest day he has ever had multiple times over This was my favourite story from the entire collection It s weird funny and has a killer premise I really liked Part of me wanted a whole book based just around this idea but another part of me thinks it s absolutely perfect as a short I m always pleased when an author causes such delightful inner turmoilRecorded For Training Purposes When you are buying insurance the key lesson is ALWAYS read the small print Oh and ensure you ve done that before you call the customer care line8 Bit Having reached a certain age I can appreciate the halcyon days of 8 bit gaming Not a massive surprise that I can also appreciate a story built around it The world was a simpler place and the console games weren t nearly as clever or complex as they are nowor were they What happens when the character in a game starts to fight back Thomas Keiran Doug and Leanne are going to find out Another standoutMonday Morning at Ninja H When you are a ninja like Fred even getting into the office on a Monday morning can be the deadliest of tasks A nice darkly comedic touch round of the collectionI had great fun with this particular anthology Blending together elements of science fiction action and even some horror there are some cracking stories and a few absolute corkers I was reminded of the early short story collections from Michael Marshall Smith I can t really fault anything I only wish there had been I would have gladly continued readingDirty Work is published by the author and it is available now This is a great little collection and I highly recommend it I ll most definitely be looking out for fiction from Chris Farnell in the future