[E–book] Petals Drifting

  • Paperback
  • 188
  • Petals Drifting
  • Anne Hampson
  • English
  • 06 January 2018
  • 9780373100446

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Free read É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Anne Hampson Petals Drifting Free read Á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Anne Hampson õ 0 Download Four young amateur archaeologists Jane Bryant and her brother Guy Jane's fiancé Stuart and his sister Pauline were all eager to go to Greece to work with the celebrated Dr Nikolas Vallas on his exciting excavations at MycenaeBut Nikolas with me. Edited to add that this is one of my reads on my uest to read the first 100 numbered HPs This one is numbered 44 This one has that hazy feel that a lot of Anne Hampson s books have But I enjoyed it Maybe because you could tell what the hero was thinking He wasn t really asshatty This book was written in 1971 so the attitudes were typical for the times And seriously she did appear to be cheating on her husband But other than one pass at her he pretty much leaves her alone except professionally The biggest thing I have against it is that the author glossed over the I love yous and explanations Explanations happened off page by another character and the I love you bit was basically he drives up to her then the scene shifts to they are in each other s arms and saying when did you first love me Dang Ms Hampton those were both scenes I would have liked to have actually read Lots of bonus Greek history too

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Petals Drifting

Free read É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Anne Hampson Petals Drifting Free read Á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Anne Hampson õ 0 Download D to be two married couplesThe deception worked and now here they all were in Greece But complications set in when first Jane and then Pauline fell in love with the handsome Nikolas who so he imagined had no right to be thinking of either of the. It is evident that I have a certain preference for the author Anne Hampson I would say I grew up reading her books So they do not seem to me old or dated And this said I must state that this is not one of my favourite books by this author but anyway I found some positive points in this novel Although not in much depth we experiment what it is like living in a digging site the hard work implied and without pay The hard living conditions away from the comforts of being at home I think it is very realistic how the H acts towards the h at the beginning of the book He hates Jane the h because we can easily guess that he is much attracted to her but it is an impossible love as he thinks she is married And as he believes she is a woman with loose morals he is much prepared to take advantage of the situation when they are alone in the cypress grove Their relationship gets better when he learns she is not married but soon he must learn she is engaged Another set back for him What I don t like very much that the interaction between H and h is not very close until the very end and we almost have no time to enjoy any closeness and the expression of love for each other which would have made this story far enjoyable

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Free read É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Anne Hampson Petals Drifting Free read Á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Anne Hampson õ 0 Download Mories of the havoc that bachelors could cause among Greek girls had stipulated married workers only for him Still that was no great problem With only two surnames in common what would be easier than for Jane and Guy Pauline and Stuart to preten. Not just an old skool but a prehistoric feeling HP with a distant omniscient narrator voice a mess of characters in complicated relationships and very little contact between the hero and heroine either physical or emotional I didn t mind the crowd of characters as much as the fact that almost all of them are self centered jerks continually pouncing on anything the heroine says Even the very minor character of a doctor who appears for a few paragraphs spends most of them dissecting our heroine Jane She is eating as far as I know As far as you know Why do you sit and watch her eat Well no I don t actually watch her but The you can t say whether she eats or not can you he asked disconcertingly No I can t she agreed hastily anxious to bring the conversation to an end Then why did you say she was eating It did hold my interest though I m not exactly sure why Jane is a fairly decent character trying to do the right things and not a complete doormat Too bad she s surrounded by asshats I guess Nickolas has some good points too if you don t mind a hero who thinks it s perfectly appropriate to treat an employee like crap because he thinks she s an adulterer But overall it s an exercise in curiosity about old time writing than a satisfying romance