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  • Rosie Sprouts Time to Shine
  • Allison Wortche
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  • 05 October 2020
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Allison Wortche ↠ 0 Download Download Rosie Sprouts Time to Shine · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Violet runs the fastest sings the highest looks the fanciest and talks the loudest Everyone agrees that she's the bestExcept Rosie Rosie isn't fast or loud or fancy but she's tired of hearing that Violet is the best When their class grows pea plants Rosie's and Violet's are the first to sprout But Violet. If you could hand a little girl just one book which would it be Ok that s an unfair uestion I know But just for today I have an answer and it is Rosie Sprout The two main characters in this book are Violet and Rosie Violet is perfect the best at everything and maybe just a wee bit overconfident We all have known a Violet or two in our lives and perhaps have even been her at times Then there is Rosie Rosie is not sparkly or nearly as gregarious as Violet and as a result is not as popular We ve all known Rosies in life and maybe can identify with her too The book presents two very different personalities ripe with conflict And when Rosie can t take it any and tries to sabotage Violet s class plant who in their heart of hearts can really blame her Here is one of the many complicated things about girls well meaning adults are always telling them be true to yourself But what does that mean exactly Does it mean to always be Pollyanna wholesome Surely not that s an unrealistic expectation In Rosie s case it means overcoming her jealousy and letting her good kind nature shine through Stumbling and falling but having the character to pick herself up again The only fault I can find with this book is that Rosie redeems herself a little too uickly Her crisis of conscience should have lasted a few pages to be believable But kids will get the message It s also nice to see Violet put her narcissism aside in the end even it s for just a moment And when the story comes to a close you just want to cheer for Rosie She s proven herself to be the best at something and it s not just about growing a plant It s about growing as a person Girl power indeed

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Allison Wortche ↠ 0 Download Download Rosie Sprouts Time to Shine · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook N the sun and sings them uiet growing songs And her teacher says that Rosie is the best gardener she's ever had Definitely the bestThis empathetic story captures every child's desire to be noticed and praised and the subtle competitions that go on in a classroom It's a book to swell every shy child's hea. Everyone in school agrees that Violet the fastest the loudest and the fanciest is the best at everything Except Rosie who isn t fast or loud or fancy When they have to grow their own peas for class and Violet s pea is looking to be the biggest Rosie pushes soil on top of Violet s pea Afterwards Rosie feels guilty and takes care of plants as Violet is sick at home and they end up being the tallest in the class Rosie finally gets recognition for being the best gardener in the class The lovely illustrations were created using pencil sketches painted digitally The very realistic style and the elouent facial expressions and body language give a dynamic feel to the book Violet in particular is always depicted in stronger colours and in constant movement with vivid facial expressions Rosie on the other hand is depicted in softer colours her facial expressions constrained her body language illustrated with less diagonal lines This book could be used to talk about doing the right thing the desire to be noticed and how to deal with difficult situations when one is not the loudest of the group

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Allison Wortche ↠ 0 Download Download Rosie Sprouts Time to Shine · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook 's is a little taller So Rosie pushes some soil over Violet's sprout to slow it down And for a moment Rosie's plant is the best but she feels terrible And she feels even worse when she learns that Violet has the chicken poxSo for the next two weeks Rosie waters her plant and Violet's too She turns them i. In Rosie Sprout s class there is one person who is the best at EVERYTHING And it isn t Rosie It is Violet Rosie gets sick of how Violet is always the best and worst of all she is always telling everyone how she is the best So when they plant pea plants and put their pots in the back of the classroom by the window Rosie decides she will do something When Violet doesn t show up for school one day Rosie covers Violet s plant with extra soil Then the guilt sets in Later she uncovers the plant and then decides to take care of both plants while Violet s out with the chicken pox When Violet comes back she is both pleased and a little surprised that her plant is the tallest along with Rosie s After a uiet thank you she goes begins boasting again And the teacher who told Rosie she was the best gardener she has ever had in her class smiles at RosieI like how this book explores the nature of friendship in a elementary school classroom setting In the illustrations there are plent of ways that Violet sure looks like the best but there are many illustrations that show that she is a loud exuberent girl that could make others feel a little overwhelmed The illustrations also perfectly portray the uite detail oriented Rosie Since I know many youngsters who often feel frustrated that they can t be the best at something or other or often times anything it is nice to see how Rosie discovers that she can not only be good at somethingshe can be a good friend while being good at something I like it