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Ray Ryan Read ä 100 Ange The road to happiness is a rough one and it becomes even harder to traverse when the people you care about have lost their way Tense and surprising Ray Ry. This is one of those books you read when you are in the mood to be tested emotionally while also being entertained Definitely one of the best coming of age books I have readThis is one of those books you read when you are in the mood to be tested emotionally while also being entertained Definitely one of the best coming of age books I have readIt is about a boy Ray Ryan who has aspirations of becoming a writer Unfortunately some bad decisions made by his best friend Kevin turn his life upside down Will he be able to fulfill his dreams or will he be another victim of what is commonly referred to as lifeThis is a very character driven novel When it is over you will feel like you just got punched in the gut and lost several good friends You will probably consider starting it over immediately Or maybe that s just meIt will definitely make you stop and think and it might even cause you to shed a few tearsI loved it

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Ray Ryan Read ä 100 Ray Ryan is a normal boy growing up in Nottingham dreaming of becoming a writer but one day his best friend makes some dangerous enemies and things begin to ch. Ray Ryan is a great drama telling of the tribulations of a young man growing up in Nottingham England with the dream of becoming a writer Far from the dull reality of sitting at a desk scribbling and tearing out strands of hair the protagonist finds himself facing unexpected obstacles and dangerous enemies There is a gritty feel to the story and the profanity in the dialogue helps set the tone perfectly The events are complex and unlikely yet plausible enough to suspend disbelief as the author takes the reader on one hell of a rollercoasterAs a young man who grew up in a tough neighbourhood in the UK I found this book to be very identifiable When Riley described Ryan as the smallest kid in a scary school when he depicted the re emergence of a deadbeat dad I felt like he was describing my life and from then on I was captivated Riley has captured a contradictory sense of desolation and optimism that made my heart ache at the thought of my own dreams that never came to fruitionRay Ryan is a fantastic protagonist and the first person narrative helps to pull the reader in making events that much dramatic and personal There are moments that are disturbing in very true to life manner but there are also moments of overcoming despair I felt drained yet uplifted upon completion And I have not stopped thinking about the book since I finishedIf I am to criticise this book I would first draw attention to the grammar it is not bad but shows inexperience on the author s behalf The writing could also do with some polish there is waffle that could be trimmed and lengthy paragraphs that could be broken up A good editor would certainly help The writing is otherwise to a good standard and this book falls into the easy read category in terms of style if not in subject matterOverall it is a very good effort from someone I understand to be a debut novelist With experience Riley is only going to get better and I await his next effort with real interest

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Ray Ryan Read ä 100 An tells the story of the joys and tragedies that beset one young man as he finds himself hurled violently into adulthood a tale of loss love and looking ahead. Ray Ryan is a normal boy He dreams of being a writerI enjoyed how this story followed Ray Ryan s life by using years instead of chapter numbers For example one chapter was titles 2001 and Ray describes his life and drama in that year Ray lives in England This is Aiden Riley s first published book I was surprised by the emotional journey he takes us through It is narrated in a uniue way and very good for a first time author This book draws you in at the beginning and keeps your attention Each of the characters is uniue and different My favorite character was Anna Ray s girlfriend I liked Ray s description of her She was so pretty it was unbelievable how pretty she was and she was mine She was a little bit taller than me but I wasn t bothered I felt well on top of the world Overal I recommend this book Thumbs up